Press Release: Keep Calm with Lonely Planet

Lonely Planet’s Calm: Secrets to Serenity from the Cultures of the World

In Lonely Planet’s new book, Calm, the global travel authority showcases 50 ways people around the world cope with the stresses of daily life, and shares methods for applying these cultural secrets at home.

Published this December, Calm is the perfect companion to Lonely Planet’s 2011 best-seller, Happy.

As the book’s Introduction explains:
“The lessons and secrets (in Calm) cater to our different needs as individuals. While one person might find calm in raw nature, gliding through water in an Inuit kayak; another might crave the orderliness of feng shui. Or perhaps relinquishing control in a safe environment speaks to you, such as when dancing backwards during an Argentine tango or transcending individual consciousness in West African djembe drumming? For some, calm is achieved through repetition and ritual, exemplified in two traditions as different as the Sufi whirling dervish and British high tea. And yet others find calm in simply writing down their thoughts in a journal.”

When you need to keep your cool, Calm suggests such slices of serenity as:
• Learning to laugh down your fears at Halloween.
• Sending your worries to Guatemalan worry dolls to look after for you.
• Stepping outside yourself at a Venetian masquerade ball.
• Focusing on a single target like a Bhutanese archer.
• Accessing theta brain waves with Malian drumming.

Review copies are available on request.

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