Published This Month: Lonely Planet’s Six New Books for Kids

Lonely Planet, the world’s leading travel authority, has released six new books in its best-selling series for kids aged eight and upwards, Not-for-Parents.

Designed to inspire a whole new generation of world explorers, the six new titles are:

Not-For-Parents: The Real Wonders of the World (AU$29.99/NZ$30)
Get the lowdown on the world wonders that really matter – from the creepy catacombs of Paris and super-secure Fort Knox to a robot restaurant in China and the international space station.  Incredible photos and cutaway illustrations of the most mind-bending spots on the planet bring Not-For-Parents: The Real Wonders of the World to life.

Not-For-Parents: How to Be a Dinosaur Hunter (AU$24.99/NZ$30)
To be a dinosaur hunter, you have to be ready to journey through space and time.  Not-For-Parents: How to Be a Dinosaur Hunter guides you to remote corners of the world and shows you where and how to find dinosaur remains. It also takes you far back into Earth’s prehistoric past to find out when, where and how dinosaurs lived.

Not-for-Parents: Continent Guides (AU$19.99/NZ$20 ea)
This month also sees the release of new Not-for-Parents books devoted to four of the world’s most exciting continents. Not-for-Parents: Africa, Asia, Europe and South America reveal intriguing stories and fascinating facts about the people, places, histories and cultures of these dynamic destinations, illustrated with a quirky blend of drawings, cartoons and graphics.

Also Available
Not-for-Parents: Extreme Planet; Not-for-Parents: The Travel Book; Not-for-Parents: How to Be a World Explorer; and Not for-Parents: Australia, China, Great Britain, London, New York, Paris, Rome & USA.

Lonely Planet’s Not-for-Parents series is available in stores now.
Review copies are available on request.



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