Lonely Planet Publishes 1000 Ultimate Adventures

About the book:
1000 Ultimate Adventures

New title
352pp, full color, paperback, $22.99
ISBN: 978-1-74321-719-1
September 2013



Want to know where to experience the world’s ultimate adventures?

With 1000 Ultimate Adventures, Lonely Planet, the world’s leading travel authority, has brought together a collection of 1000 ideas, places and activities to inspire adventure.

1000 Ultimate Adventures inspires all types of travelers to explore the world, whether on foot, by bike, motor vehicle or horse. Start ticking off your list of places you’ve always wanted to see and things you’ve always wanted to do, including:

Other topics include:

  • Iconic European Adventures
  • Greatest Airborne Adventures
  • Best Undiscovered US Parks
  • Craziest Caves
  • Most Action Packed Jungles
  • Family-Friendly Adventures
  • Best Rafting Rivers
  • Classic Rides for Casual Cyclists
  • Sweetest Snorkel Spots

Want to journey to the world’s greatest natural wonders or take the road trip of a lifetime? Make your own list and hit the road – who knows where you’ll end up!

Notes to Editors:
Review copies available upon request
Excerpts aavailable for reprint with permission
Media contact: Rana Freedman, Press.USA@lonelyplanet.com.