Lonely Planet’s 1000 Ultimate Sights

Where do you want to start?

Iconic buildings, awesome canyons, weird monuments, vast animal migrations, spooky dungeons and romantic vistas are just some of the man-made and natural wonders in Lonely Planet’s 1000 Ultimate Sights.

This paperback pictorial contains 100 thematic lists of the world’s greatest sights including natural phenomena, architectural masterpieces, wildlife spectacles, historic places and cultural icons.

Accompanied by our signature photography, 1000 Ultimate Sights is full of fresh travel ideas from the experts at Lonely Planet.

Lists include:
• Mightiest Rivers
• Most Magnificent Mosques
• Finest Flora Phenomena
• Most Unusual Fountains
• Ultimate Predators in Action
• Most Interesting Subway Stations

“There are so many places in the world where I’ve ended up as a result of one tantalizing glimpse in a movie, one photographic poster taster, one intriguing museum display, one seductive line in a novel” says Lonely Planet co-founder Tony Wheeler. “That one tiny temptation is all it took; actually getting there has, on occasion, taken decades, but eventually I’m standing there thinking: ‘well there it is, I’m finally seeing it’.”

Get tempted, make your own list, hit the road, and start exploring the world’s most breathtaking sights.

About the book:
1000 Ultimate Sights, New Title
352pp, full color, paperback, $22.99
978 1 74220 305 8
September 2011

Excerpts available with permission.
To request a review copy or to interview Lonely Planet’s US Travel Editor, Robert Reid, about any of the lists/sights, please contact PressUSA@Lonelyplanet.com.