Feeling the Squeeze? Take a Big Trip

  • 19 November 2008
  • UK

With the gloomy winter weather setting in and news that the credit crunch has a tight grip on the British
economy, more travellers are taking long haul holidays to far-flung destinations in order to make their money
go further.

Keeping this news in mind, it’s a great time to pick up Lonely Planet’s newest title, The Big Trip, which hopes to help travellers take these longer holidays and get more planet for their pocket.

Author George Dunford tells us why more people should take the plunge and go: “The global economic crisis might just be a good time to take a break and re-assess your career and your life. And because tickets have a bigger price tag it’s the perfect time to slow-travel through Asia and make your money last a little longer. Volunteering can be a way to get involved in making a difference in some of the places that will be hardest hit by the developed world’s woes, plus taking a long break is good time to reflect and think about what to do next.”

Divided into four easy to read sections, the chapters in The Big Trip will take you through every part of planning that trip of a lifetime:

Travel Smarts
This chapter covers all the nitty-gritty that goes with planning a Big Trip; from paperwork and budgeting to coping with jet lag and staying in touch.
Planning might sound boring but once you start buying guidebooks and working out where to go, you’ll feel like you’re actually doing it.

Tailoring Your Trip
So you’ve done the hardest part – deciding to go – now, who do you go with? This section tells you about travelling with friends, going solo or with partners; what kinds of trips you can take and what you can do when you get there; whether you’d like to earn a bit of cash fruit-picking or nannying, teaching English or even helping those less fortunate than yourself by volunteering locally.

Where to Go
Do you go to Africa, Australia, South America or even round-the-world? It’s hard to pick what kind of trip is right for you, so the Where to Go section reveals all about the routes you can take and gives an insight into the places you can visit.

This section is divided to give more detailed information about paperwork, jobs and rules and regulations relating to your country of origin.

Highlights from inside The Big Trip…

20 BIG TRIP Travel Experiences – Hand-picked by Lonely Planet authors, The Big Trip lists their favourite spots in their favourite regions from scaling the summit of Mount Kilimanjaro to rubbing noses with Maori at a Hangi in Rotorua, New Zealand.

Top Tip Lists – Big Trippers share their top tips on Ways to Use a Guidebook (p23), Most Overrated Destinations (p242), Best Backpacker Jobs (p122).

Traveller Tales – 10 travellers tell you about their big trip. Aged from 18 to 29, these travellers share their top tips and favourite experiences (p306).

Travel Smarts – Everything you need to know about taking a big trip. From planning and paperwork, to being a good traveller and how to deal with coming back to reality.



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The Big Trip: Your ultimate guide to gap years and overseas adventures
1st edition
UK  £14.99
Authors: George Dunford et al
ISBN:  9781741790801
Pub Date: 21st November 2008

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