One Book, 850 Travel Experiences

Lonely Planet’s Best in Travel 2009, published November 2008

Lonely Planet has captured 850 of the world’s hottest travel trends, destinations, journeys and experiences for the year ahead in one book: Best in Travel 2009, published in November 2008.

Building on the success of the bestselling Bluelist series, this is the ultimate inspirational year­book featuring 165 glorious colour images combined with a diverse array of places, events and suggestions guaranteed to entice armchair and seasoned travellers alike.

Boasting all-new content compiled by Lonely Planet’s dedicated community of authors, staff and travellers, Best in Travel 2009 is divided into four sections overflowing with stimulating travel ideas for the coming year:

Top 10 Countries, Regions & Cities

First up, the book lists 30 great places to explore in 2009, from the more challenging (Sierra Leone is not for the faint-hearted) to the spectacular: awesome ice anyone? Try Greenland. And there are options that include wide open spaces (try Kyrgyzstan for some nomadic wandering). For urban experiences choose from racing-to-the-future Shanghai or old-world-charm-meets-party-girl Lisbon. It’s also time for Beirut, once more rising from the rubble of conflict.

Special Feature – Water: The Ultimate Traveller

There is an underlying current in this book … water.  This special section has 75 ideas for water-related travel, including an extended article on the effects climate change is having on water, how this affects the world and how travellers can contribute positively. Water is described in the book as the ultimate traveller, flowing around the globe, up into the atmosphere and back down again.  As climate change becomes more apparent, it is water – its abundance, its scarcity, its changing nature – that we tend to notice.

Top Travel Lists

These picks are morsels of inspiration that should lure travellers off the beaten track and into the eclectic and bizarre. It might be cave-diving in Mexico or catching a whiff of the startling
rafflesia flower in Malaysia. How about tracking yeti in the Himalayas, stealing a kiss in Casablanca, or taking a bath in a rather large champagne glass…

World Profiles

Finally, Best in Travel rounds-off with a snapshot of every country in the world, featuring topical information that will be an ideal reference for anyone planning their next trip in 2009.


* Published November 2008

* Extracts available upon request

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