Can’t Face the Nine to Five? Take a Big Trip

  • 29 October 2008
  • USA

School’s out, the world’s calling, and you want blaze an international trail. How does one start? Lonely Planet’s new title The Big Trip is a practical, easy-to-read, and comprehensive guide to planning that first big overseas adventure.

Seen as a right of passage for many young people, taking a big trip is no longer just for high school or college graduates taking a year off. Whether it’s a year- long around-the-world trip or a few months off as a career break, if it’s your first long-term trip, Lonely Planet’s new book will tell you how to do it and what to expect along the way.

Divided into four easy to read sections, the chapters in The Big Trip will take you through every part of planning that trip of a lifetime. Travel Smarts covers all the nitty-gritty that goes with planning, such as paperwork and budgeting, while Tailoring Your Trip tells you about all the types of trips you can take, whether its going solo or with friends, working abroad or volunteering. Where To Go gives insight into the places to go with detailed information about each region along with routes and itineraries. Directories lists detailed information, with pages dedicated specifically to Americans, on everything from where to get your passport to organizations that set up volunteer programs.

20 BIG TRIP Travel Experiences – Hand-picked by Lonely Planet authors, The Big Trip lists favorite spots in favorite regions from scaling the summit of Mount Kilamanjaro to rubbing noses with Maori at a Hangi in Rotorua, New Zealand.

Top Tip Lists – Real-life Big Trippers share their top tips on ‘Ways to Use a Guidebook,’ ‘Most Overrated Destinations’, ‘Best Backpacker Jobs’ and other amusing and helpful advice.

Traveler Tales – Stories from10 travelers about their big trip are peppered throughout the text. With a range of ages (from 18 to 29), these experienced adventurers share their top tips and favorite experiences.

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About the Book:
The Big Trip: Your Ultimate Guide to Gap Years and Overseas Adventures
, 1st edition
Authors: George Dunford et al
ISBN: 978 1741790801
November 2008