November 2007 Updated Editions

  • 13 December 2007
  • USA

November 2007 Updated Editions

Lonely Planet Bluelist 2008, 3rd edition
This annual title captures what’s hot in travel for the coming year. The eagerly-awaited book, which is now in its third year and contains 100% new content, is a collection of the best trends, destinations, journeys and experiences from around the world. Want to find out where the world’s friendliest country is? Or the globe’s most eco-friendly nightclub? What about the strangest museum or the hottest up-and-coming cities? The answers are all in Lonely Planet Bluelist 2008.

Australia, 14th edition
This guide will show you how to discover contemporary Indigenous Australia, find sustainable businesses, tours and modes of travel, saddle up the caravan to take to the highways, languish in a rainforest, or amble through wine regions, and how to love every minute of it.

Central American on a Shoestring, 6th edition
Central America is a slinky, seven-country combo that really knows how to pack a punch. It’s a thrill ride from end to end, zipping across Mayan history, ancient ruins, wildlife and gurgling volcanoes. Discover the region’s best beaches, jungles, mountaintops, bars and cantinas, and get your kicks without breaking the bank. This guide covers: Yucatán and Chiapas (Mexico), Guatemala, Belize, Honduras, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Costa Rica & Panama.

Mauritius, Reunion & Seychelles, 6th edition
This tropical trio will bamboozle you with all manner of delights – Mauritius has aquamarine lagoons, a vibrant cultural mix and delicious cuisine; Réunion’s got a live volcano, tropical climate and Parisian-style cafes; and the Seychelles boasts isolated, idyllic islands. Grab yourself the only guide to wrap up everything you need to know about these three tropical-paradise destinations, including tips and cultural insights from locals.

Panama, 4th edition
The roar of the howler monkey, the squawk of the macaw – Panama‘s a cacophony of wildlife, both natural and manmade. Get a bellyful of tapas in Panama City, hit the rip-roaring white-water of the Rio Chiriqui, explore wild stretches of the Darién Gap then sit back and watch a flaming sunset in the laid-back Archipiélago de Bocas del Toro. Let this guide–peppered with local voices, new coverage of trekking in the Darién, responsible travel tips, and volunteer opportunities– help you discover the real Panama.

Taiwan, 7th edition
Get your chow on at the food stalls of Taipei‘s Shilin Night Market, get your chill on at some of East Asia‘s finest beaches and get your boots on to hike the Walami Trail. With two long-term Taiwan residents at the helm of this guide, you’ll be dining, sightseeing and soaking up the natural beauty just the way a local would. This is the only guide to Taiwan with Chinese script for navigation and with the lowdown from a Taiwanese rapper and a Taiwanese film critic.

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