October 2007 New Titles and Updated Editions

  • 13 November 2007
  • USA

October 2007 New Titles and Updated Editions

Northeast India, 1st edition
This is the only guide on the market specific to Northeast India. A trip there takes you veering off the tourist trail and into unexplored corners. Trek the remote mountain kingdom of Sikkim, immerse yourself in the tribal culture of Orissa and make like a poet in the cafes of Kolkata. Oh, and then there’s the tigers: the Sunderbans National Park has more of that striped goodness than anywhere else in the world. Expanded state-by-state coverage of festivals and activities like language classes, yoga courses and Ayurvedic massage are also included.

Canary Islands, 4th edition
Get to the Canaries and you may be tempted just to set up permanent camp at a beach resort. But if you do, you’ll be missing out rolling around the vast dunes of Gran Canaria’s Maspalomas, not to mention the waterfalls of the lush Los Tiles bio-reserve on La Palma. This guide to the Canary Islands gives you island-by-island coverage of the best activities, beaches, culture and cuisine, as well as locals sharing their insights.

China’s Southwest, 3rd edition
China’s southwest is studded with jaw droppers: newborn pandas in Chengdu, the world’s largest Buddha statue in Leshan, the hypnotic ripples of the Dragon’s Backbone Rice Terraces and futuristic hotels shooting up into the sky. This guide covers new destinations not covered in any other English-language guidebook, chapters dedicated to gateway cities of Beijing, Hong Kong and Shaghai, and information on minority cultures and adventure activities.

Japan, 10th edition
Yes, there are geishas. Yes, there is neon. And yes, there are sake and hot springs and moss gardens. Japan delivers all the iconic stuff – then it starts piling on the surprises: swimming with manta rays, world-class skiing, whale watching…and guess what? It can be cheaper to travel here than in Western Europe. This new edition is written by an expert team of Japanese-speaking authors and contains a special chapter on negotiation the ritual of the onsen (hot baths).

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