Lonely Planet Bluelist: The Best in Travel 2008

Want to find out where the world’s friendliest country is? Or the globe’s most eco-friendly nightclub? What about the strangest museum or the hottest up-and-coming cities?

The answers are all in Lonely Planet Bluelist: The Best in Travel 2008, published in November 2007.

This annual title captures what’s hot in travel for the coming year. The eagerly-awaited book, which is now in its third year and contains 100% new content, is a collection of the best trends, destinations, journeys and experiences from around the world.

Lonely Planet Bluelist 2008 features fun, inspirational lists profiled under 30 categories — everything from quirky places where you can sleep behind bars, to a hit list of the world’s most amazing tropical paradises, or the greatest river journeys. Under each category, the top ten options are highlighted along with stunning photos and a snappy write-up from Lonely Planet’s expert authors.

The book also explores emerging travel themes, including a special 30-page feature on travelling through the countries and cultures of the Islamic world, and a month-by-month guide to seeing (and protecting) endangered wildlife around the globe.

The ‘Golists’ section reveals the emerging destinations for the year ahead, aimed at inspiring your travels for 2008. These cities, countries and regions have been selected by Lonely Planet staff and authors with contributions from travellers. Each spread features information on the destination’s recent fads, hot topics, unmissable experiences and why you should visit.

Find out what Lonely Planet thinks are the best places to see and things to do in the coming year, when Lonely Planet Bluelist 2008 is released on 1 November 2007.

• Published November 2007
• Extracts available upon request
• A selection of free images from the book is available