Chow On This! November 2007

  • 1 November 2007
  • USA

Lonely Planet Bluelist 2008 captures the best in travel- a collection of trends, destinations, journeys and experiences for the year ahead. Drawing on the knowledge, passion and miles traveled by the Lonely Planet community of authors, staff and travelers, this year’s edition is a selection of the best places to go and things to do all around the world right now. For this month’s Chow on This! we present one of the culinary bluelists in the book:

Food Wonderlands of the World
Dreaming of Chocolate Rivers, Candied Dogs & Your Own Troupe of Oompa Loompas? Visit the Places Where Food Fantasies Come True

Mustard Museum, USA
Of course, the Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream Factor and Hershey’s Chocolate World are listed for the US but also the little known Mustard Museum, in Mt Horeb, Wisconsin. It’s a teeny building but it packs more mustard than you can shake a ballpark’s worth of hot dogs at- 4600 jars, to be exact. There’s horseradish mustard that’ll singe your nose hair, orange rind and espresso mustard that’ll wake up your corned beef sandwich and sweet, bubbly champagne mustard that’ll make your pork chop giggle. Antique tins and other items of great mustard historical important line the shelves. ‘Condiment counselors’ spread samples at the back mustard bar.

Yeliseyevsky, Russia
Fit for hungry tsars, this grand 1901 Moscow food hall drips with crystal chandeliers and Art Nouveau stained-glass windows, with plenty of gold and marble tossed in for good mesuare. The edibles and drinkables are even more opulent. Beluga caviar and champagne? Check. Smoked salmon and vodka? Yep. Siberian meat dumplings and cognac? Got it. Salamis, cheeses and more vodka? Here. And what about dessert, say jam-filled gingerbread and Belgian chocolates? Yeliseyevsky has it all.

Chandni Chowk, India
Get ready to graze through the sweets and savories of this 350-year-old bazaar in Delhi, attached to the Red Fort of Mughal Emperor Shahjahan. Crunch into buttery, pistachioed sohan halwa dessert, then mix it up in the ol’ taste buds by downing a cone of spicy fried potato sticks. Vendors sell mounds of masalas (spice mixes), tubs of paneer (fresh cheese), towers of mangoes and bins of candied fruits. Thirsty from bargaining over the din? Quench with a thandai, a milk, sugar, almond, cardamom and crushed ice concoction. When you’re ready to bust, wave down a rickshaw to wheel you home.

Also profiled: Paseo de la Princesa, Puerto Rico; Mercado de la Merced, Mexico; Spice Museum, Germany; Bramah Museum of Tea & Coffee, England; Tsukiji Fish Market, Japan.

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