• 12 September 2007
  • UK

Lonely Planet launches magazine in Spain.

Lonely Planet Magazine is the name of the publisher’s new monthly magazine which launches in Spain. The magazine is produced by Spanish publishing partner geoPlaneta, in association with Sapiens Publications.

Scheduled for launch on September 15, the Lonely Planet Magazine is aimed at people who love travelling and want to experience the world through Lonely Planet’s eyes.

The publication will be destination-based with first issues covering Australia, Nepal and Berlin. The launch issue will include a forward from co founder, Tony Wheeler, with subsequent destinations introduced by Lonely Planet authors who are experts in the region.

Lonely Planet’s Foreign Rights Director, Clare Mercer, says: “We decided to launch the magazine in Spain as it’s a very active magazine market, with huge distribution channels through kiosk selling. News and magazine kiosks are an important part of the Spanish market and the magazine is a great way of introducing Lonely Planet to a wider audience.”

Clare says: “We’ve also seen tremendous growth in travel in this region and we are fortunate that in Sapiens, geoPlaneta have found a very experienced publisher with an instinctive understanding of Lonely Planet’s ethos, which they have brought to life through the magazine”.

The full-colour glossy magazine consists of articles commissioned and edited by Sapiens. Every 170 page issue includes in depth features on travel and life in a selected country or city, illustrated with stunning photographs. The magazine also provides practical advice on travel to that destination as well as news for travellers, incorporating readers’ letters, general hints and tips and reviews of travel literature and guides. There’s also a section on responsible travel and a What’s Coming Up section on worldwide events.

The magazine has an initial print run of 60,000 copies and will retail at €5.95 through subscriptions, kiosks and standard distribution channels.


Note to editors:

Foreign Rights Director, Clare Mercer, is available for interview.

Images of cover and inside spreads of the Lonely Planet Magazine are available on request.

The magazine is 170 pages, full colour 190 x 265mm.