Signs that Guide, Confuse and Amuse

  • 10 September 2007
  • UK

Lonely Planet brings to life the fun side of travel in this
laugh-out-loud second edition of the best-selling Signspotting, which hits the shelves this September.

Packed with over 160 images from around the globe, this is an entertaining collection of some of the world’s funniest signs and alarming translations of the English language.

Author Doug Lansky notes that even he struggles to get by living in Sweden without his mother tongue… ‘I’m no stranger to linguistic gaffes myself, even my six-year old daughter happily points outmy crimes of syntax and the mixing of metaphors, typically in front of visiting guests.’
Wikipedia now list 133 regional varieties of the English language and there are some newfangled English-language hybris out there such as Franglais (French and English), Chinglish (Chinese and English) or the amusingly dubbed Dunglish (Dutch and English) to name but a few.

If you’re brave enough to take directions from the signs found within the covers of this book, whether it’s to the Curry Prevention Services Unit in Oregon or the Ha Ha Cemetary in New Brunswick, Canada – let our new collection of signs from around the globe continue to guide, confuse and amuse you.

Did You Know?

• At the moment, roughly two-thirds of the people on the planet speak English as a first, second or third language, and there are currently seventy-three nations where English is officially used.

• Doug Lansky spent ten years travelling the planet, during which time he visited almost 120 countries. From the very beginning of his travelling career, Doug began collecting funny signs and now it has turned into a disturbingly addictive habit.

Note to Editors:

Free images are available with permission and review copies are available and also for reader giveaways. The author is also available for interview.

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