Lonely Planet Releases Its First Guidebook to Afghanistan

  • 15 August 2007
  • USA

Lonely Planet is proud to announce the release of its first edition of Afghanistan. Lovingly researched and written by Afghanistan specialist Paul Clammer, the book also contains a special chapter on safety written by a Kandahar resident and former military officer and contributions by reporter Christina Lamb and Afghanistan ex-pert and lecturer Tamim Ansary.

Afghanistan is primarily designed for those businesspeople, non-profits and other NGOs traveling to Afghanistan to stay safe and get the most out of their time in the country, but will also be pertinent for independent travelers and armchair travelers who are curious about the state of Afghanistan. This guide is a necessity for those thinking of going to the country but anyone interested in Afghanistan would enjoy this guide as it is packed with information on the state of the nation today.

Lonely Planet’s Afghanistan is the most comprehensively researched and up to date guidebook to Afghanistan. Our author, Paul Clammer, spent seven weeks on the ground conducting research, traveling from Kabul to Herat and Mazar, all by road, stopping in many remote towns along the way.

Unique features include:
•Comprehensive History and Culture chapters assure that readers understand the past and present conditions of the region.
•A chapter on “Safety in Afghanistan” details the types of risk involved in visiting the country along with listing security training courses, transportation concerns, the different authorities one will encounter, and information resources.
•Special feature on “Women in Afghanistan” by Lina Abirafeh, a gender and develop-ment practioner who spent 4 years in Afghanistan running programs for women.
•“Afghanistan in the Hippy Era… And 35 Years Later”, Lonely Planet founder Tony Wheeler reflects on travel to Afghanistan over the decades.
•Images by a resident photographer, which illustrate a beautiful section on life in the region, giving great insights into the joys and perils of Afghanistan.
•Trekking coverage from the world’s greatest experts on the Wakhan Pamir, John Mock and Kim O’Neil.

“It’s hard to think of a more demanding country to write a guidebook about than Af-ghanistan,” says author Paul Clammer. “It’s a nation with a broken infrastructure and serious security concerns. But the rewards are incredible. Despite the recent history, the Afghans are the most amazing and welcoming people on the planet, and the scenery – from the mountains to the deserts – is sublime. Traveling in Afghanistan, you never quite know what to expect. You can see a destroyed tank on the road and the next minute be passing a camel caravan of nomads. It’s just an astonishing country.”

Author Paul Clammer is available for interview.

To request a review copy, arrange an interview, or for additional information, please contact Rana Freedman at PressUSA@Lonelyplanet.com.

Paul Clammer
1st Edition
ISBN 978 1 74059 642 8
August 2007

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