Travel Photography Exposed

Lonely Planet’s best-selling Travel Photography: A Guide to Taking Better Pictures (2000) by leading photographer, Richard I’Anson, experienced a success only likened to shutter speed velocity making it the essential guide for anyone serious about capturing the world on their travels.

The past four years have seen lots of progressions in the field – digital photography has become common place and the way we store, view and relate to the photographic image has become more sophisticated. Responding to these developments, the newly updated Travel Photography: A Guide to Taking Better Pictures  fills in the gaps.

Want to increase the percentage of good photographs you take? With a no-nonsense style, Travel Photography: A Guide to Taking Better Pictures is perfect for beginners embarking on travels and a handy reference guide for more experienced photographers wishing to perfect their art. Get the low-down on equipment (from point-and-shoot cameras to state of the art SLRs), accessories (to use filters or not?), film (what film speed suits what conditions?) and exposure. The principles of composition, light, subject matter and assessing your photographs are all covered.

The bumper coverage on digital photography is not-to-be-missed. While digital cameras are extremely popular among the techno savvy, few people have really mastered digital techniques. I’Anson shows how to get the most out of your digital camera with succinct detail.

Everyone loves to show off their travel photographs. Make sure you get the best possible result on your once-in-a-lifetime travels with Travel Photography: A Guide to Taking Better Pictures.

About Richard I’Anson
Richard is a Melbourne-based landscape, travel and editorial photographer. He travels frequently to both remote and well known destinations photographing people and places for clients and his stock collection. His work has been widely published and exhibited around the world. Lonely Planet has been using I’Anson’s photographs for 14 years and his work has been featured in over 300 editions of LP titles. In 1998 he published his first book, Chasing Rickshaws, and most  recently Rice Trails: A Journey through the Ricelands of Asia and Australia (April 2004), both in collaboration with Lonely Planet founder Tony Wheeler. I’Anson has also helped establish Lonely Planet Images, a commercial photo library specialising in travel related imagery: