Germany: the land of bratwurst and lederhosen?

  • 24 June 2004
  • UK

Germany is a country that for years has been overlooked as the perfect european summer destination by its neighbours . Southern France has the beautiful beaches, Spain has the seemingly endless sunshine and Italy has the wine but Lonely Planet’s new guide to Germany shows us a country that has far more of an allure.

Lonely Planet’s fourth edition to the country asks ‘Germany. The land of bratwurst and beer halls, lederhosen and autobahns, right? Right. But that’s just scratching the surface. Europe’s most populous nation is much too complex and interesting to be described using mere stereotypes’. Look beyond the stereotypes and you find a country bursting with reasons why you should visit.

Lonely Planet Germany will help you discover ‘unforgettable landscapes that lift the spirit and demand exploration’ from the ‘majestic panoramas of jagged, snow-draped peaks’ of the Bavarian Alps to the awe-inspiring Black Forest. It guides you to the breath-taking museums, churches and palaces that are ‘vertible treasure chests overflowing with art from across the globe’ and to the ‘latest visions of world-class architects’. Germany is ‘first and foremost … about culture’ and truly paradise for culture-vultures. As this definitive guide to Germany states ‘where else can you retrace the footsteps of some of the greatest minds ever to have walked the earth, from Martin Luther to Goethe and Bach to Einstein?’ ‘Old Europe’ it may be, but that’s just what makes Germany so appealing.’

Germany’s cities also receive rave reviews in this opinionated and objective guide including Germany’s capital, Berlin, which is described as ‘at once repellent and seductive, light-hearted and brooding, one thing is certain: Berlin rocks’, Cologne (Köln) ‘should be on every-one’s must see list’ and Frankfurt as an ‘earnest cosmopolitan metropolis that could yet become Germany’s best city-break destination.’

Lonely Planet Germany (4th edition) is available from all good bookshops, priced 15.99

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