Best of Athens

Take a cursory glance at Athens and you see ancient treasures buried by a grey concrete sprawl. However spend just a day there and this vibrant city will capture your imagination – Athens is a city with soul.

‘Athens’ appeal has always lain beyond the façade, in its quirky pulse and energy and rather anarchistic nature… The city’s chaos and contradictions can be as seductive as they are frustrating, its communal angst counterbalanced by a zest for the good life.’ Lonely Planet’s new Best of Athens guide says.

Best Of Athens highlights the sexy new neighbourhoods, the eternally beautiful ancient sites, neuvo – and rustic tavernas, where to find the best bouzoukia and seaside discos, where to plunge into the Aegean, where to boutique-hop and importantly where to buy the best souvlaki.

Athens has undergone some major changes for the 2004 Olympics that will not fail to impress the thousands of visitors expected in August. Urban improvements include a new metro system, an attraction in itself for its encased antiquities, new highways, more greenery and a beautified city centre.

Best of Athens has a dedicated chapter on the Olympics with details on sporting venues, tickets, accommodation and free outdoor events. The city’s pulse will beat even faster during the hyper-activity of the Games.

But the best time to go is now, before the prices triple and the 13,000 visitors descend in the sweltering heat of August.

Best of Athens is lovingly written by Athens resident Victoria Kyriakopoulos, is full colour throughout, and includes easy-to-use gatefold maps and savvy ‘Don’t Miss’ box texts for those short on time.