Everything you’ve always wanted to know about Japan

The world’s bestselling guide to Japan hits bookstores this month and is packed with information and stunning colour photographs to inform and delight anyone interested in Japan and Japanese culture and society.

Japan’s culture is much talked about and often misunderstood. The Lonely Planet travel writers who wrote and researched this new edition are experts in all things Japanese and give an accurate insight into the country’s many subcultures and idiosyncrasies.

“Visitors to Japan expecting to find a nation of suit-wearing conformists are often shocked by the sheer variety of subcultures they discover. Indeed, in places like Tokyo’s Shibuya or Osaka’s Shinsaibashi, ordinary street traffic on a Friday night approaches a kind of gaudy street theatre, and people-watching is half the fun of being there!”                                     p. 28

Eating the local food is an essential part of any travel experience. Lonely Planet’s latest edition includes a 15-page Japanese cuisine chapter with details on what to expect when dining out, types of food available, where best to sample them and how much to expect to pay. The chapter includes a comprehensive cuisine glossary with Japanese script to make ordering easier.

Lonely Planet’s Japan contains comprehensive information for visitors while also providing the reader with a deeper understanding of Japanese society. A 32-page Arts & Architecture section includes coverage of Japanese music, cinema, literature and the performing arts, plus details of the intricate Japanese tea ceremony and Japanese garden design.

Whether it’s street culture or Zen gardens, the electric chaos of Tokyo or the tranquil wilderness of Hokkaido, visitors can experience it all in Japan with the help of Lonely Planet’s comprehensive new guide.