The Gap Year Book

  • 1 October 2003
  • UK

Taking a gap year has become so popular that for most young people, it’s at the top of their ‘to do’ list before they settle into further education or into full-time work.*

For many, deciding to take a gap year is the easy bit, the hard bit is deciding what to do. But help is at hand as travel experts Lonely Planet have created the definitive gap year book. It’s packed with information and advice in a readable, entertaining way.

The Gap Year Book gives you the inside track on when and where to go, how to work your chosen route and details of the best gap year placement organisations – making it the first stop for anyone planning or thinking of taking a year out.

Part I of the guide is dedicated to the practicalities of the trip. Parents concerns are addressed, advice on who to travel with and ideas for raising cash, how to budget and what to pack. More advice for when you’re on the road includes information on what visas to get, which tickets to buy and how to keep in touch with home and be a responsible traveller.

In true Lonely Planet style, Part II gives you the expert’s view on destinations, and Part III outlines your options with details of what’s on offer, tried and tested itineraries and details of organisations that can help. Finally, there’s information on coming home – because you’re bound to…eventually.

The Gap Year Book features: Information on the best courses to take and how to apply for jobs; quotes and tales from gappers who’ve been there and done it; full-colour world map showing gap year route options; how to stay healthy away from home; contact details for all gap year placement organisations; and information on the dedicated gap year discussion forum on Lonely Planet’s online traveller’s bulletin board, the Thorn Tree

Whether you want to give something back to the local community through voluntary projects, or set yourself a challenge such as trekking the Himilaya or learning Spanish in Latin America – this essential reading will ensure you get the most out of your year out.

Notes to editors:

The Gap Year Book: The Definitive Guide to Planning and Taking a Year Out (Lonely Planet, 1st edition, £12.99) – foreword by STA Travel.

* STA Travel sent 500,000 young people travelling around the world in 2002.