India: The Travellers Favourite Travel Guide

The first edition of India sold like hot cakes when it was published in 1981 and this weighty tome continues to be a big seller for Lonely Planet.

The original guidebook took Lonely Planet founders, Tony and Maureen Wheeler, and authors Geoff Crowther and Prakash Raj, over a year to research and was the longest and most expensive project Lonely Planet had ever undertaken. At that time there were only 20 guidebooks in Lonely Planet’s stable (and less than 10 staff members!). Nearly 24 years on, Lonely Planet’s India is in its 10th edition and has an entire team of authors (11 in total) to update it. The company has over 600 titles in print and India remains a best seller for Lonely Planet.     

A travel guide to India is always going to be on the large side and the 10th edition of India is no exception. At a whopping 1088 pages, the guide’s size is testament to the enormity and diversity of a country that continues to attract visitors in their millions.

Visitors to India should be prepared to expect the unexpected, pack a good sense of humour, a healthy dose of patience, an open mind and, of course, a Lonely Planet guide. India is a challenging assault on the senses. As the guidebook says, ‘while more than a few travellers are only too happy to get on their flight home, many will later find themselves hankering to get back’.

Lonely Planet’s latest edition is worth making room for in your luggage. Details on India’s fascinating history and religions encourage a deeper understanding of its people and culture. Vital information on health risks and scams (how to avoid them and what to do if you don’t!), regions in conflict, expected daily travel costs and transport are included plus updated reviews, a handy language chapter and 218 maps. There’s never been a better guide to travel with!

India, Sarina Singh et al
10th ed, ISBN 1 74059 421 5
1088 pp, 64 pp colour,  218 maps.
US 27.99, UK 8.99, AUS 42.90