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Lonely Planet has every corner of Europe covered. In January 2003, new editions of Central Europe, Western Europe, Eastern Europe, Scandinavian Europe and Mediterranean Europe hit store shelves. Updated editions of France, a perennial favourite, and Prague, are also available. These best-selling guides are jam-packed with essential, updated information and insightful travel tips. Europe is waiting to be discovered. Let the senses go into overdrive. Experience some of the world’s defining cultures, traditions, people and places. It’s the ideal time to start planning a European adventure…

CENTRAL EUROPE (5th Edition) A$41.80, US$27.99
Central Europe is quintessential Europe. Lonely Planet’s Central Europe covers the wonders of Austria, Czech Republic, Germany, Hungary, Lichtenstein, Poland, Slovakia, Slovenia and Switzerland. It’s the perfect guide for travellers wanting to immerse themselves in the region’s rich history, enjoy hearty fare and be amazed by magnificent scenery. Get reliable advice on sourcing the best available accommodation and places to eat with this new and improved guide.

Poland and Slovenia in particular are getting rave reports from travellers: read what all the buzz is about. Even better, get out there and experience it!

EASTERN EUROPE (7th Edition) A$41.80, US$27.99
If cobbled stone streets, outstanding architecture, cosy taverns and fascinating culture conjures up the perfect getaway, look no further than Lonely Planet’s groundbreaking Eastern Europe guide. Get the low-down on 19 countries: Albania, Belarus, Bosnia, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Estonia, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Macedonia, Moldova, Poland, Romania, Russia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Ukraine and Yugoslavia.

Blow your mind in Romania; chill out in gorgeous Croatia and discover ‘real’ Russia: this is the guide for discovering Eastern Europe. It’s a rapidly changing, challenging and ultimately uplifting region to travel. Get there sooner rather than later! Look for the distinctive cover – a group of elderly gentlemen playing chess in a hot spa!

MEDITERRANEAN EUROPE (6th Edition), A$42.90, US$27.99
Sun, sea and sand ‘European style’ coupled with scrumptious food and exotic culture – Mediterranean Europe oozes appeal. Lonely Planet’s guide highlights the best of Greece, Italy, Malta, Cyprus, and coastal regions of Croatia, France, Morocco, Portugal, Slovenia, Spain and Turkey. It’s an essential accompaniment to any true Mediterranean experience. Find out where the best seaside restaurants and cafes are; get to the prime beaches; learn about which operators to go sailing with and find the pension, hostel, camping ground or hotel to fit the budget.

WESTERN EUROPE (6th Edition), A$42.90, US$27.99
Thinking about a classic European holiday? Get hold of a copy of Western Europe for all the details needed to make a holiday the trip of a lifetime. Boasting comprehensive coverage of Austria, Belgium, Britain, France, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, The Netherlands, Portugal, Spain and Switzerland, this guide is an essential companion for your holiday. From beer halls to bagels, Alps to arenas, classic street scenes to classical sites, Western Europe is the ideal place to get a taste for the very best Europe has to offer.

SCANDINAVIAN EUROPE (6th Edition), A$39.60, US$24.99
The best of Scandinavia – Denmark, the Faroe Islands, Finland, Greenland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden – is covered in this comprehensive guide. Combining natural beauty, age-old traditions and cosmopolitan cities, Scandinavia offers a myriad of delights. From trendy downtown Stockholm to the remote, otherworldly outskirts of Iceland, there’s so much to discover in Scandinavia. Importantly, Scandinavian Europe offers great tips on stretching the dollar in this sometimes expensive part of the world. There’s also invaluable advice on accommodation, transport, attractions and every other practical aspect pertinent to the traveller.

FRANCE (5th Edition), A$39.60, US$24.99
Endless lavender fields, très chic Parisian cafes and charming regional towns – France is a diverse and fascinating country beckoning travellers of all ages and sensibilities. Packed with information, France provides visitors with loads of useful information which will ensure that travellers have more time to explore the many facets of France.

PRAGUE (5th Edition), A$28.60, US$16.99
A visit to the beautiful city of Prague is always a delight. Despite floods in mid 2002, Prague has endured as one of the most exciting cities in Europe. Make the most of a visit with a copy of Lonely Planet’s new Prague city guide, a passport to enchantment and discovery. With its grand architecture, artistic heritage and medieval splendour, Prague will impress. Learn more about Prague’s rich history with this compact and authorative guide. The special section on the city’s magnificent castle is particularly useful. There’s valuable eating, drinking and shopping recommendations and for those with extra time, the excursions chapter makes exploring the Central Bohemian countryside a breeze.

Lonely Planet, Qantas and Busabout Europe have teamed up to offer an irresistible package for independent travellers. One lucky winner will win a return trip to Europe courtesy of Qantas, a flexible travel pass courtesy of Busabout Europe and enough Lonely Planet travel guides to fill their backpack! Plus they get to bring a friend along for the ride! The competition runs from 1/3/03 to 18/4/03.

Great runner-up prizes include a three day Haggis Skye High Tour of Scotland for two people and a set of Lonely Planet Scotland travel guides. Twenty third place winners will each receive a Lonely Planet Europe Phrasebook and a Busabout Europe CD Rom and bookmark. Consumers simply have to purchase one Lonely Planet Europe guidebook to be eligible to enter. Conditions apply. More details soon…

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