Igreja de Nossa Senhora da Nazaré

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Igreja de Nossa Senhora da Nazaré information

Nazaré , Portugal
Opening hours
10am-7pm Apr-Sep, 10am-6pm Oct-Mar
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The 17th-century, baroque Igreja de Nossa Senhora da Nazaré, decorated with attractive Dutch azulejos, is on the Promontório do Sítio and holds the much-venerated sculpture of the Virgin, said to have been made by Joseph himself in Nazareth when Jesus was a baby: hence the name of the town. For €1, you can get up close and personal with the statue itself – it's not too often that you get the chance to appear in the middle of an altarpiece.

Look out for paintings of a deer in mid-air that refer to the legend of the Virgin's appearance here. Though the fall was tragic for the animal itself, its look of surprise is difficult not to be bemused by.