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Getting there & away




The bus terminal is about 750m east of the train station. Buses run half-hourly to Kórnik (6.30zł, 40 minutes) and every couple of hours to Rogalin (6.30zł, one hour) on weekdays, but only twice daily on weekends. You can also get to Kórnik by hourly suburban buses from ul Św Marcin. Buses to Gniezno (10.50zł, 1½ hours) depart at least hourly and go via either Kostrzyn or Pobiedziska; the latter pass Lake Lednica (6.30zł). On longer routes, you could use buses to get to Kalisz (20zł, 2½ hours, 12 daily) and Zielona Góra (22zł, 2¾ hours, seven daily), as they run more frequently than trains.


Poznań is a busy railway hub. From Poznań Główny train station there are about 20 trains to Warsaw daily (InterCity/fast 89zł/46zł, three to four hours). Equally frequent services run to Wrocław (35zł, 2½ hours) and Szczecin (38zł, 2½ hours), and there are 10 to 12 direct trains to Kraków (50zł, seven hours).

Trains to Gdańsk (46zł, 4¾ hours, seven daily) and Toruń (33zł, 2½ hours, five daily) all pass through Gniezno (16zł, 45 minutes, hourly). Six trains depart for Zielona Góra daily (31zł to 53zł, 2½ hours). There are also five daily trains to Wolsztyn (14zł, 1¾ hours), including one steam train.

Seven international trains run to Berlin daily (113zł), including three EuroCity services taking just three hours. There are also direct trains to Cologne, Kyiv and Moscow.

Tickets and couchette reservations are handled by the train station, travel agencies and the PKP office (061 863 1290; Al Niepodległości 8a).

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Poznań’s airport (061 849 2343; www.airport-poznan.com.pl; ul Bukowksa 285) is in the western suburb of Ławica, 7km from the centre. There are flights from Poznań to Warsaw (four to five daily) via LOT; Barcelona (three weekly) on Ryanair; Bristol (three weekly) via Ryanair; Copenhagen (daily) via SAS; Dortmund (three weekly) on Wizz Air; Dublin (five weekly) via Ryanair or Aer Lingus; East Midlands (three weekly) on Ryanair; Frankfurt (daily) on LOT; Liverpool (three weekly) via Ryanair; London (twice daily) on Ryanair or Wizz Air; Munich (four daily) via LOT or Lufthansa; and Stockholm (six weekly) on Wizz Air.

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