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Getting there & away




Buses travel to Poznań (10.50zł, 1½ hours) from the bus terminal at least hourly; if you want to stop at Lake Lednica (4.30zł, 35 minutes), take one that goes via Pobiedziska (up to 12 daily). There are six daily buses running to Żnin (8zł, one hour), where you can change for the narrow-gauge train to Biskupin.


Trains run regularly throughout the day to Poznań (16zł, 45 minutes). There are also departures to Bydgoszcz (28zł, 1½ hours, six daily), Toruń (24zł, 1½ hours, six daily), Gdańsk (43zł, 4½ hours, seven daily) and Wrocław (38zł, 3¾ hours, seven daily).

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