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A 360-degree view of history

Filip Tarczewski is a steward and guide at Wrocław’s most visited sight, the Racławice Panorama, a huge cyclorama depicting an 18th-century battle with the Russians.

Why do Poles come to see the panorama? It awakens something in our national spirit. It’s about victory. The Polish people were under Russian subjugation then and later. They like to see our soldiers getting back at the Russians.

Foreigners? Are they interested? Until recently most of our foreign guests were English and German. Now with so many Koreans working [at the LG Electronics factory] nearby, we’re getting a lot of them. Koreans like the fighting scenes.

Hmmm…English. Any problems with overenthusiastic stags? Not necessarily English. But some drunken people have tried to climb over the barrier. Maybe they think the panorama is real and they want to take part!

Do you like the panorama? Yes, and I like my job. I come from a very patriotic family. Every time I look at the picture I see something new.

On my perfect day, find me… Having coffee with friends at Pożegnanie z Afryką. I also like to visit the Church of St Adalbert. It’s a very special place for the people of Wrocław and miracles happen here. Blessed Czesław prayed for Wrocław during the Mongol invasion and the church survived. And only Czesław’s chapel remained standing after the war.

When I’m away I miss… The women of Wrocław. The women of Poland are the best in the world and the women of Wrocław the best in Poland.