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Getting there & away

The train and bus stations are next to each other, about 1.2km southeast of the Rynek.

There’s hourly bus transport to Rzeszów (10.60zł, 1½ hours) and Lesko (3.50zł, 20 minutes, up to 10 daily). Buses also run to Ustrzyki Dolne (7zł, one hour, 12 daily) and Ustrzyki Górne (13zł, 1½ to 2½ hours, seven daily). There are five to six buses to Cisna (8zł, one hour) and Wetlina (12zł, 1½ to two hours), with additional departures in summer. A couple of buses go to Komańcza (7zł, one hour). Five fast buses go directly to Kraków (32zł, three hours), with three heading for Warsaw (47zł, four to five hours).

Two fast trains run to Warsaw daily (57zł, nine hours) while two go to Kraków (46zł, 3½ hours). A dozen ordinary trains serve Jasło (11zł, two hours) via Krosno (7.40zł, 1½ hours).