Roads to Freedom Exhibition

Roads to Freedom Exhibition information

Gdańsk , Poland
ul Wały Piastowskie 24
adult/concession 6/4zł
Opening hours
10am-6pm Tue-Sun
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Housed in a bunker deep beneath thundering ul Wały Piastowskie, this exhibition tracing the Polish struggle against communist rule is essential viewing for every visitor to the Tri-City. The story, all related with English captioning, begins with the uprisings in European capitals (Berlin, Budapest) against postwar communism, before moving on to the events around the Lenin Shipyard in the 1970s and ‘80s. Listen to Wałęsa’s rabble-rousing speeches with subtitles, see the rather odd Pope-themed clown pen he used to sign the August Agreements, try to decipher the Unesco-protected plywood board on which the handwritten, occasionally fantastical, demands of the dockers were displayed (Three-year maternity leave! Retirement at 50!) and watch the harrowing film showing the imposition of martial law in July 1983. All in all, an outstanding exhibition and a superbly interactive way of learning about the events in Gdańsk that still echo around Eastern Europe to this day.