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Getting there & away

Most regional routes are covered by bus. The train is better for long-distance travel (eg to Warsaw).




Fast buses run to Kraków (16zł, two hours) run every 30 to 40 minutes. There are also two private companies, Trans Frej (www.trans-frej.com.pl) and Szwagropol (www.szwagropol.pl), that run services roughly hourly to Kraków (15zł, 1¾ hours), departing from the front of the Grand Hotel Stamary at ul Kościuszki 19. There are two daily buses to Nowy Sącz (18zł, three hours) and daily buses to Przemyśl (38zł, 4½ hours), Rzeszów (38zł, 4½ hours), Łódź (48zł, six hours), Katowice (28zł, three hours) and Nowy Targ (4zł, 30 minutes). There are also two direct buses to Sromowce Wyżne-Kąty (8zł, 1½ hours) for the Dunajec Gorge raft trip in summer.

In the region around Zakopane, bus transport is relatively frequent. PKS buses can take you to the foot of the Kościeliska and Chochołowska valleys, as well as to Polana Palenica (5zł), the gateway to Morskie Oko. There are also private minibuses that ply the most popular tourist routes, including Gubałówka (3zł), Polana Palenica (6zł) and Poprad (17zł), departing across the road from the bus station.


There are a number of trains to Kraków (19.50zł, 3½ hours), but buses are faster and more frequent. One train (a few more in the high season) runs daily to Warsaw (100zł, 6½ hours).

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