Czartoryski Museum

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Kraków , Poland
ul Św Jana 19
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The Czartoryski Museum boasts the city's richest art collection, including Kraków's most valuable painting: Leonardo da Vinci’s Lady with an Ermine . Among other important works is Rembrandt’s Landscape with the Good Samaritan . Other exhibitions include Greek, Roman, Egyptian and Etruscan art as well as Turkish weaponry. At the time of research, the museum was closed for renovation but expected to reopen in 2015. During renovation, the Lady with an Ermine was being exhibited at Wawel Castle.

Apart from the paintings, the museum itself has had its own exciting history. Secretly moved to Paris in 1830, the collection shifted to Kraków in the 1870s. During WWII, Nazi occupiers seized many valuable paintings and took them to Germany. Some items were never recovered. The Lady with an Ermine was among the works seized but was found and returned by American soldiers after the war.