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Getting there & away




The UFO-shaped bus terminal (landed by aliens from a planet entirely devoid of taste) is well organised and conveniently close to the train station.

Buses to Święty Krzyż (3.90zł, one hour, four daily) leave between 6.45am and 3.40pm; for Łódź (25zł to 27zł, 3½ hours, around 15 daily) between 6am and 8.20pm; for Sandomierz (18zł, two hours, 14 daily), between 7am and 7.40pm; and for Kraków (18zł to 23zł, 2½ hours, 13 daily) between 2am and 5.35pm. Check other destinations at the busy information desk (6am-8pm).

The minibus stand (opposite the bus terminal) clearly displays schedules. Minibuses to nearby destinations such as Chęciny (2.5zł, 20 minutes, every half-hour or so) are more constant and convenient than PKS buses. However, minibuses to Kraków (18zł, two hours, every half-hour from 5am to 8.10pm) can fill up fast – a normal bus is a better bet for this trip.


The train station (the key landmark at the western end of ul Sienkiewicza) services many destinations. There are around 15 trains per day to Radom (22zł, two hours), which continue on to Warsaw (36zł, 3½ hours); 14 trains to Kraków (31zł, three hours); four to Lublin (38zł, three hours); and five to Częstochowa (28zł, 1½ hours).

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