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Getting there & away

Kletno is most easily accessed via Stronie Śląskie, which has regular bus connections with Kłodzko (6.50zł to 7.40zł, 40 minutes to 1¼ hours, up to 18 daily) and Bystrzyca Kłodzka (7.40zł, one hour, up to nine daily). From here it’s a 9km walk south to the cave by the yellow trail (2½ hours). If this is too much for you, take the bus to Bolesławów (about 11 daily), get off at Stara Morawa and walk the remaining 5km. There’s one afternoon bus to Kletno from Stronie Śląskie (3.30zł, 15 minutes) at 3pm, but as it returns straight away you’ll either have to walk back or leave in time to get the last bus from Stara Morawa (around 5pm).

You can also reach the cave by walking for 2½ hours directly from Międzygórze. Take the black-marked ski trail that goes east from the centre along a rough road and switch to the yellow one leading north.