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Malapascua Island

Getting there & away

There are plans to build a pier in Malapascua on the point to the south of White Sands. There are also plans to built a new pier at Maya to accommodate car ferries. Ground breaking for both was supposed to begin in late 2005, but by early 2006 had not yet commenced.

For now, the only transport to the island is via pumpboat from Maya (P40 plus P5 per kilo of luggage, 30 minutes). The boat leaves whenever it's full, which is usually, but not always, hourly. To avoid a long wait you can hire a boat for a one-way trip at any time of the day - and if you arrive after 5pm, chances are you'll have to do this. If the tide is low at Maya, the larger pumpboats can't dock, and must ferry passengers to and from shore using smaller craft.

To travel between Malapascua and Bantayan, you have to hire a pumpboat and pay 'special ride' rates of around P2000.

Malapascua Island