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Getting there & away

Local transport


If you are heading to Tumbes, you can catch a much faster colectivo taxi (US$6, 3½ hours).

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The standard route to Ecuador goes along the Panamericana via Tumbes to Machala. Alternatively, Transportes Loja (30 9407; Sánchez Cerro 228) goes via La Tina to Macará (US$3.60, four hours) and Loja (US$8.50, eight hours) at 9:30am, 1pm, 9:30pm and 10pm. These buses stop for border formalities, then continue.


Services to Lima take 12 to 16 hours. Several companies have offices on the 1100 block of Sánchez Cerro, though for Cajamarca and across the northern Andes, it’s best to go to Chiclayo and get a connection there.

Chinchaysuyo (30 4651; Sánchez Cerro 1156) Has been known to run direct buses to Huaraz (US$16.50, 12 to 14 hours) at 10:30pm.

Civa (34 5451; Tacna 101) Has a 5pm and a 6pm bus to Lima (US$15 to US$21), frequent buses to Chulucanas (US$0.90, 45 minutes), and a bus to Huancabamba (US$6, eight to 10 hours) at 8:30am.

Cruz del Sur (33 7094; Bolognesi at Lima) Three Lima buses (US$27 to US$37.50) between 6:30pm and 7:30pm.

El Dorado (32 5875, 33 6952; Sánchez Cerro 1119) Buses for Tumbes (US$4.50, five hours) every two hours, and six buses a day to Máncora (US$4.50, 2½ hours).

El Poderoso Cautivo (30 9888; Sullana Norte 7) Buses for Ayabaca (US$4.50, six hours) at 8:30am and 3pm.

Eppo (30 4543, Sánchez Cerro 1141) Has buses to Sullana (US$0.60, 45 minutes) and Talara (US$2.40, two hours) every 30 minutes. Also fast services to Máncora (US$3.60, 3½ hours) hourly.

Etipthsa (34 5174; Tacna 277) Buses to Huancabamba (US$6, eight to 10 hours) leaving at 7:30am and 5:30pm.

Ittsa (33 3982; Sánchez Cerro 1142) Has a bus to Trujillo (US$3.30 to US$9, six hours) and Chimbote (US$7.50, seven hours) at 11pm, and a bus-cama to Lima at 6:30pm (US$30).

Linea (32 7821; Sánchez Cerro 1215) Hourly buses to Chiclayo (US$3.60, three hours), an 11pm bus to Trujillo (US$9, six hours) and a 6am and 6:30pm bus to Cajamarca (US$11 to US$14.50, 10 hours).

Sol Peruano (41 8143; Sánchez Cerro 1112) Goes direct to Tarapoto at 1pm (US$15, 18 hours).

Tepsa (30 6345, Loreto 1198) Lima buses (US$25.50) at 5pm and 7:30pm.

Transportes Chiclayo (30 8455; Sánchez Cerro 1121) Hourly buses to Chiclayo (US$3.60, three hours) and a bus to Tumbes (US$4.50, five hours) at 10:15am.

Transportes Vegas (30 8729; Panamericana C1, Lot 10) Has buses leaving for Ayabaca (US$4.50, six hours) at 8:30am and 3pm.

East of the San Miguel pedestrian bridge, Terminal el Castillo has buses for departmental towns east of Piura. Buses and combis for Catacaos (US$0.30, 15 minutes), Sullana (US$0.60, 45 minutes) and Paita (US$0.80, one hour) leave from Terminal Terrestre el Bosque (Sánchez Cerro, cuadra 12).

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The airport (code PIU; 34 4505) is on the southeastern bank of the Río Piura, 2km from the city center. Schedules change often. The usual US$3.57 airport tax is charged.

LAN (30 2145; Grau 140) flies from Lima to Piura (US$111) at 6:30am and 6pm daily, returning to Lima at 9:30am and 8pm. LAN also has a 9:30am flight to Chiclayo (US$64), returning at 8:30am. Aero Condor Perú (31 3668; Libertad 777) flies from Lima (US$100) at 5:30pm, returning at 8:30pm.

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