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Getting there & away

Many bus offices are in the center, though most southbound trips originate in Tumbes. Combis leave for Tumbes (US$1.80, two hours) regularly; they drive along the main drag until full. Bus-camas from Máncora go direct to Lima (14 hours); other services can drop you in intermediate cities on the way to Lima (16 hours). Regular minibuses run between Máncora and Punta Sal (30 minutes).

Cial (25 8558; Piura 654) Has Lima-bound buses at 3pm (US$15), 7pm (US$30 to US$36) and 8pm (US$21 to US$24).

Civa (01-9805 5131; Piura 688) Has an economical 3:30pm service to Lima (US$15), as well as a nicer bus at 5:30pm (US$27).

Cruz del Sur (25 8232; Grau 208) Has a bus-cama service to Lima at 4:30pm (US$39 to US$48).

El Dorado (25 8582; Grau 111) Six buses a day to Piura (US$4.50, 2½ hours) with fast transfers to Chiclayo (US$8.50, six hours) and Trujillo (US$9, nine hours).

Eppo (25 8027; Grau 470) Fast and regular hourly buses to Talara (US$1.50, 1½ hours), Sullana (US$3, 2½ hours) and Piura (US$3.60, 3½ hours) between 4am and 7pm.

Oltursa (25 8267; Piura 509) Lima bus (US$36 to US$48) at 5:30pm.

Ormeño (25 8334; Piura 611) Lima buses (US$27 to US$36) at 2:30pm and 7:30pm. Also has buses direct to Quito (US$35, 16 hours) at 6am on Wednesdays and Fridays.

Tepsa (25 8043; Grau 113) Lima bus (US$28.50) at 4pm.