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Getting there & away




Cruz del Sur, Movil Tours and Linea usually have the most comfortable buses.

Cial (20 5587; Bolognesi 15) Has a 9pm Lima bus (US$18 to US$24, 10 hours) and a 6pm bus to Tarapoto (US$12, 12 hours).

Civa (22 3434; Bolognesi 714) Lima buses at 8pm and 8:30pm (US$15 to US$24, 10 hours), Jaén buses at 10am and 9:30pm (US$4.50, six hours), a Tarapoto bus at 6pm (US$12, 12 hours) and a Chachapoyas bus at 5:30pm (US$6, 10 to 11 hours).

Cruz del Sur (22 5508; Bolognesi 888) Has six departures to Lima (US$13 to US$30, 10 hours) between 7pm and 10pm.

Empresa Transcade (23 2552; J Balta 110) Has buses to Jaén (US$4.50) at 8:30am and 8:30pm.

Ittsa (23 3612; Bolognesi 155) Bus-cama (bed bus) to Lima (US$16.50 to US$24, 10 hours) at 8pm.

Linea (23 3497; Bolognesi 638) Has a comfortable Lima service (US$13.50 to US$24, 10 hours) at 8pm and 8:30pm, and regular hourly services to Trujillo (US$3.60, two hours) and Piura (US$3.60, three hours). Also has buses to Chimbote at 9:15am and 3:15pm (US$6, four hours), buses to Cajamarca at 10:45am, 10pm and 10:45pm (US$4.50 to US$9, six hours) and buses to Jaén at 1:15pm and 11pm (US$5.50 to US$7).

Movil Tours (27 1940; Bolognesi 199) Has a Lima bus (US$22.50, 10 hours) at 8:30pm, a Tarapoto bus (US$21, 12 hours) at 6:30pm and a Chachapoyas bus (US$12, 10 to 11 hours) at 8pm.

Oltursa (23 7789; Vincente de la Vega 101) Three bus-cama services to Lima (US$21 to US$24, 10 hours) between 8pm and 9pm.

Padres Estrella (20 4879; J Balta 178) Has Tarapoto buses (US$12, 12 to 14 hours) at 5am, 7am and 4pm, with the 4pm bus going onto Yurimaguas (US$21, 20 to 24 hours).

Tepsa (23 6981; Bolognesi 504) Bus-cama services to Lima (US$18, 10 hours) at 7:30pm, 8:15pm and 9:15pm.

Transportes Chiclayo (23 7984; JL Ortiz) Has buses to Piura (US$3.60, three hours) every hour from 6am to 9:30pm, with the last bus going on to Tumbes (US$6, eight hours).

Turismo Dias (23 3538; J Cuglievan 190) Has a cheaper bus to Lima (US$12 to US$15, 10 hours) at 7pm as well as departures to Cajamarca (US$6, six hours) at 6:45am, 5pm and 10:30pm.

Behind Tepsa there is a minibus terminal where a dozen small companies have at least six buses throughout the day to Cajamarca (US$4.50 to US$6), a night bus to Tumbes at 8:30pm (US$6), buses at 7:30pm, noon and 8:30pm to Chachapoyas (US$7.50), 9:30am and 3:30pm buses to Tarapoto (US$10.50), a 3:30pm bus to Yurimaguas (US$16.50) and frequent services to Jaén (US$4.50). These times tend to change with the setting of each moon, so check the schedule ahead of time.

The minibus terminal at the corner of San José and Lora y Lora has regular buses to Lambayeque (US$0.50, 20 minutes) and Pimentel (US$0.50, 25 minutes).

Buses for Ferreñafe (US$0.50), Sipán (US$0.80), Monsefú (US$0.40), Zaña (US$0.80) and Chongoyape (US$1.50) leave frequently from Terminal de Microbuses Epsel (Nicolás de Píerola at Oriente).

Buses to Túcume (US$0.50) leave from Angamos near M Pardo – it’s hard to find this bus stop, so ask.

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The airport (code CIX; 23 3192) is 1.5km east of town; a taxi ride there is a US$0.60 and departure tax is US$3.57. LAN (27 4875; MM Izaga 770) flies from Lima to Chiclayo (US$110) daily at 6:30am and 7:50pm, returning to Lima at 10:40am and 8:55pm. LAN also flies to Piura (US$64) at 8:30am, returning at 9:30am. Star Perú (27 1173; Bolognesi 316) has two flights from Lima leaving at 7am and 5pm and returning to Lima from Chiclayo at 9am and 6:30pm (US$85). It also flies to Trujillo at 6:30pm, returning at 8:10am (US$48) the next day.

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