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South-Shore Towns/Peru

Introducing South-Shore Towns

The road to Bolivia via Lake Titicaca’s southern shore passes through bucolic villages noted for their colonial churches and beautiful views. Traveling this route is an easy way to get a relatively untouristed peek at the region’s traditional culture. If you can coordinate the transportation connections, you can visit a few of the South-Shore towns in a daytrip from Puno or continue on to Bolivia.

For public transport to any south-shore town, go to Puno’s terminal zonál. Combis leave when full. The route includes Ichu (S1, 15 minutes), Chucuito (S1.50, 30 minutes), Juli (S4, one hour), Pomata (S6, 1½ hours) and the Bolivian border at Yunguyo (S6.50, 2¼ hours) or Desaguadero (S7.50, 2½ hours). Direct transport to the towns closer to Puno are more frequent, but combis to most towns leave at least hourly – more often for closer destinations.