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Getting there & away



Bus & taxi

Buses go to Lima (US$6 to US$10, eight hours), Pucallpa (US$8, 12 hours), La Merced (US$5.50, six hours), Huancayo (US$5, six hours) and La Unión (US$3, five hours), with companies all over town. Among the best:

Bahía Continental (51 9999; Valdizán 718) Regular bus to Lima at 10am, plus bus camas at 10pm and 10:15pm (regular/bus cama US$9/11).

León de Huánuco (51 1489, 51 2996; Robles 821) To Lima at 10am, 8:30pm and 9:30pm; La Merced at 8pm; Pucallpa at 7:30pm.

Transmar (28 de Julio 1067) Pucallpa at 6am.

Transportes Rey (51 3623; 28 de Julio 1215) Lima 9am and 10:15pm; Huancayo 8:30pm.

Turismo Bella (San Martión 571) Tantamayo at 6:30am and 7:30am.

Turismo Unión (52 6308; Tarapaca 449) La Unión at 7:15am.

Other companies near Turismo Unión and Turismo Bella also go west toward villages on the eastern side of the Cordillera Blanca: rough roads, poor buses.

For Tingo María (US$2, 3½ hours), take a Pucallpa-bound bus or a colectivo taxi (US$3.50) with Comite 15 (51 8346) at General Prado near the river. There are more colectivo taxis for Tingo María on the other side of the river such as Trans Milagros, or wait here for a passing bus.

For Cerro de Pasco, minibuses (US$2, three hours) or colectivo taxis (US$4.50) leave from a bus stop about 3km southwest of town. Mototaxis charge US$0.30.

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Flight services were fairly stable at the time of research. LC Busre (51 8113; 2 de Mayo 1357) flies to and from Lima daily. The domestic departure tax is $3.57. The airport is 5km from town. Take a cab (US$3.50) to get there.

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