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Visitors from Australia, Canada, New Zealand and the USA need visas. Others only need a valid passport. Get your visa in advance, either in a neighboring country or at home. Visas may be requested and obtained in the same day at most consulates. You will need two passport photos and two copies of each of: your passport; your entry stamp to Paraguay; your ticket (proof of onward travel); and credit card or traveler’s checks (proof of sufficient funds). The cost is US$45 in cash for single entry or US$65 for multiple entry (30 to 90 days). Be sure to get your passport stamped on entering the country or you may be subject to fines upon leaving.

For information about immigration points (such as Mariscal Estagarribia en route to Bolivia), entrance or exit stamps or visa paperwork, visit the Immigration Office (021-446673, 021-492908; Ayala & Caballero; 7am-1pm Mon-Fri) in Asunción.