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Money and costs

Guarani (Gs)
Exchange Rates
Rates provided by Open Exchange Rates. Last updated June 28, 2017 6:40AM UTC

On the back of the soy boom, Paraguay continued to enjoy a healthy economy, even while the rest of the world plunged into economic crisis. The guaranĂ­ currency remains strong and the cost of living in dollars has risen exponentially over the last decade. Though it is still a reasonably cheap country to visit, first-time visitors often find costs to be higher than they had expected.

Banknote values are 2000G, 5000G, 10,000G, 20,000G, 50,000G and 100,000G; increasingly useless coins come in denominations of 50G, 100G, 500G and 1000G. Keep plenty of change and small notes as you go along – it comes in handy.