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Flights to Papua New Guinea

The best price found from United States to Papua New Guinea is on August 12th, 2016, travelling with . See more options, compare prices and book: search flights.

Washington Dulles
from $1638.00
Port Moresby

Getting around by air


The Pacific

Air Niugini flies to Nadi (Fiji) via Honiara (Solomon Islands). The only other way of flying to PNG from the Pacific is via Australia.

Australia & New Zealand

Papua New Guinea is well connected to three Australian cities: Cairns, Brisbane and Sydney. Australians and New Zealanders will need to make their way to one of these cities for an onward flight to Port Moresby.

The USA & Canada

There are a couple of options from North America: fly to Australia, then on to Port Moresby; or fly to Narita (Tokyo), Hong Kong, Manila or Singapore, then on to Port Moresby.


Air Niugini flies Between Bali (Denpasar) and Port Moresby one day each week. Garuda Indonesia and a couple of Indonesia’s new budget airlines fly to Jayapura (Papua), just across the border from PNG.

Air Niugini has weekly flights between Port Moresby and Manila (four days each week), Singapore (five days), Hong Kong (three days) and Tokyo (Saturday only). Phillipines Airlines is expected to join Air Niugini on the Manila–Port Moresby route in 2016.


Flying via Asia or Australia is the obvious way to get to PNG from the UK, Ireland or continental Europe. The Singapore option is shorter, but coming via Australia gives you a bit more flexibility with onward connections. Some European airlines airlines allow baggage to be checked through to Port Moresby.

Airports & Airlines

The good thing about flying into PNG is that you don’t have to shop around too much looking for a ticket. The major international airport is Port Moresby’s Jacksons Airport. In late 2015, recently instigated direct flights from Cairns to Rabaul/Kokopo had been suspended, and there were reports that flights linking Brisbane with Mt Hagen and Alotau (Gurney airport) would commence.

At the time of research only three companies offer international connections to PNG but it's likely that this could change.

Flights To Port Moresby

The prices given are for return Air Niugini flights and include all taxes. Bookings made well in advance can be up to 40% cheaper (‘wantok’ fares) than the standard ‘paradise’ rates listed here.



Cost (A$)


Brisbane 11 weekly$624Air Niugini, Airlines PNG, Qantas
Cairns9 weekly $485Air Niugini, Airlines PNG, Qantas
Honiara 3 weekly$1020Air Niugini
Hong Kong3 weekly$1092Air Nuigini
Nadi 3 weekly$865Air Niugini
Manila 3 weekly$1138Air Niugini
Singapore 4 weekly$1028Air Niugini
Sydney2 weekly$1076Air Niugini, Airlines PNG, Qantas
Tokyo1 weekly$1005Air Niugini