Pirre Station

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La Palma , Panama
Getting there
full US$3.00, pay at ANAM office in El Real
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The Rancho Frío sector of Parque Nacional Darién is home to Pirre Station. Rancho Frío is, to steal a line from the famous naturalist guide Hernán Araúz, 'Panama's foremost theater of life'. There are a number of rare bird species here including the crimson-bellied woodpecker, the white-fronted nunbird and the striped woodhaunter.

Pirre Station has a network of accessible trails. The trail to Pirre Mountain ridge takes most hikers two days to reach, while another winds through thick jungle to a series of cascades about an hour's hike away. Neither should be attempted without a guide - if you get lost out here, you're finished.

If you intend to visit Pirre Station, you must first get permission from the ANAM office in El Real. In order to hike into Rancho Frío, you must either hire a local guide or be part of an ANCON tour - ANAM will not let you proceed from El Real if you are unescorted.

There is no electricity at the station. If you plan on eating (always a good idea), you must bring your own food. You also need to bring bottled water.