Shrine of Shams-ud-Din Sabzwari

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Shrine of Shams-ud-Din Sabzwari information

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On the dry bed of the Ravi River, less than 1km northeast of the fort, the Shrine of Shams-ud-Din Sabzwari, who is believed to have lived from 1165 to 1276, was founded by his grandson in 1330 and rebuilt by more distant descendants in about 1780.

One of the most enduring legends about the many miracles of Shams Tabrez is that he moved the sun closer to himself, hence making Multan the hot and dusty city it is today (shams means sun in Arabic). Whether or not the saint has been forgiven for this action, his tomb attracts vast numbers of devotees on his urs , held on 14-16 Rabusani.