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Getting around

Car & motorcycle


You should be able to wangle a cheaper deal if you hire a car for at least several days.

International Tours (6301185; rentcar@brain.net.pk; 17-A Lawrence Rd) rents out a car with driver for Rs 4000 per day or Rs 18 per kilometre.

If you’re brave enough to self-drive, all the top-end hotels have rental car counters including Avis (111669669) and Hertz (111365247). Rates start at Rs 100 per hour plus Rs 10 per kilometre and there’s a minimum charge of two hours.

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Bus & tram

Bus & minibus

Crowded buses and minibuses run almost everywhere every few minutes from stands opposite the Lahore City Railway Station. The usual fare is Rs 6 to Rs 10.

Some useful routes are as follows: minibus 43 (marked on Map p98) runs from opposite the main train station to Charing Cross and Gulberg. Bus 12 runs from the main train station to Shalimar Gardens. Bus 3 travels from the main train station to The Mall and Krishan Nagar. Bus 15 runs from the main train station to the airport, while minibus 42 goes from the main train station to Sherakot (from where you can catch private long-distance buses). Minibuses 37 and 86 ply the route from the main train station to the main bus stand and Lahore Fort.

From The Mall, bus 1 travels from Regal Chowk to the airport and Sherakot. Bus 3 goes to the main train station (from where other buses travel to the Wagah border).

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