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Getting there & away




The main bus stand is on Abdullahpur Rd in the northeast of the city. Reputable private buses also operate from the main bus stand including Kohistan (783681), with daily services to Multan (Rs 210, six hours), Lahore (Rs 150, 2½ hours), Rawalpindi (Rs 220, five hours) and Sahiwal (Rs 190, two to three hours), among other destinations.

The most comfortable private bus company is Daewoo (111007008; Chowk Akbarabad Rd), located near the Allied Hospital. It plies the following routes: Lahore (Rs 230, 2¼ hours), Multan (Rs 270, four hours), Peshawar (Rs 530, 6½ hours) and Rawalpindi (Rs 350, 3½ hours). The price includes a light refreshment.


Three express intercity trains run daily to Lahore (two hours). The daily Chenab Express goes to Rawalpindi (11 hours), Multan (five hours) and Bahawalpur (eight hours). The Chenab Express also continues to Peshawar (15 hours). The Faisalabad Express is the fastest daily train to Karachi (16 hours). For fares and bookings check at the Faisalabad Train Station at least a few days before you intend to travel.

Passenger Suzukis (Rs 8) connect the bus and train stations to Kuchery Bazaar.

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Twice daily flights to Karachi are operated by PIA (9200786; 26 New Civil Lines) for Rs 6050 (one hour and 40 minutes).

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