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Getting there & away

You can reach Taxila from Rawalpindi’s Pir Wadhai by frequent bus or minibus (Rs 25, 40 minutes). The train ride (Rs 15, 50 minutes) is far more pleasant and the train station is within walking distance of the museum. You can also catch a Suzuki or tonga passing from the bazaar to the train station en route to the museum. Several trains pass through on the way to/from Havelian or Peshawar. Train times will vary from the schedule because of delays elsewhere along the line. In other words, expect delays.

Most local transport from Taxila heads to Rawalpindi – ask whether your bus is going to Saddar, Rajah or Pir Wadhai. Some Saddar-bound wagons start from Taxila Bazaar; otherwise, take a minibus or tonga south to the Grand Trunk Rd and pick up transport there.