Ka Lae

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South Point (Ka Lae) , USA
South Point Rd
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Hawaiʻi's southernmost tip, Ka Lae feels like the utter end of the earth. Even with rushing wind filling your ears, an odd stillness steals over this sacred spot pulsing with potent mana (spiritual essence). But don't expect to be alone on the path, which is well-worn by visitors heading south from the dirt parking area toward the light beacon. Standing near the actual point, you can imagine what it must have been like for ancient Polynesians to land here, fighting violent surf after months at sea.

The confluence of ocean currents just offshore makes this one of Hawaiʻi's most bountiful fishing grounds. Wooden platforms built onto the cliffs have hoists and ladders for the small boats anchored below, while local fishers brace themselves on lava-rock ledges partway down.

Daredevil locals like to cliff-jump into the surging waters, but you might want to just peek over the edge, as you're many miles from help and hospitals. Behind the platforms, inside a large puka (hole), spy on the ocean raging upward and receding with the waves.

There are no facilities except portable toilets.