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Health & safety

Dangers & annoyances

Road hazards

Aggressive tailgating and fast, inappropriate driving is a hazard of the capital area in particular. Camels and goats often wander onto the road – with disastrous consequences in Dhofar during the khareef, when locals continue to drive at the same speed regardless of the fog. After rain, the roads are exceptionally slippery.

Failing brakes on mountain roads, beguiling soft sand and a salty crust called sabkha (that looks and feels hard until you drive on it) are further common hazards. As a rule, always stick to the tracks: if they suddenly stop, it’s time to reverse!

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Oman is a very safe country and even the driving isn’t that bad. Two dangers that may escape the attention of visitors, however, are flash floods and the isolation of many off-road destinations.

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