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Off the beaten track

Off the beaten track

Follow your instinct for adventure, not the herd.

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A curious camel, Socotra, Yemen

Story behind the picture

“During a recent trip to Socotra island off the coast of Yemen, I was lucky enough to see one of nature’s wonders: the gigantic snow-white dunes. Intermittent clouds obscured the sun, creating an amazing play between light and shade. In the background the azure sea reflected the sky. There was just one thing missing: something to show the scale of the dunes. Then, out of the blue, a camel wandered out onto the dune. The noise of my camera shutter alerted it to my presence. It stopped in its tracks, and scrutinised me for what felt like an eternity. Seconds later, it set off in a run down the dune and vanished, leaving me with awe-inspiring memories of an amazing island.” We’d love to include your best new travel photos (at 300dpi) and the inspiring stories behind them. Send them with a pic of yourself to postcards@lptraveller.co.uk