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Getting around

Svalbard Maxi Taxi (79 02 13 05) and Longyearbyen Taxi (79 02 13 75) charge Nkr80 to Nkr120 for the journey between town and airport. The airport bus (Nkr40) connects with flights and runs up to the two guesthouses at the southern extremity of town, calling by hotels.

Possibilities for car hire include Longyearbyen Bilutleie (78 02 11 88) and Svalbard Auto (79 02 49 30). You’ll tank up on the cheapest petrol in Norway but there is only 45km of road and not much to see from a vehicle.

Bicycles would be a better bet, and you can rent them from Poli Arctici (79 02 17 05; Nkr150 per day) or Basecamp (79 02 46 00; Nkr280 per day).

To scoot around Svalbard on a snowmobile in winter, you’ll need to flash your home driving licence. Check with the tourist office; many areas are off limits for snowmobiles to allow wildlife a little peace and quiet. Rental agencies include Svalbard Snøscooterutleie (79 02 16 66; www.scooterutleie.svalbard.no) and Svalbard Reiser Kroa (79 02 56 50). Daily rates are from Nkr1000 to Nkr1400.