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Gudvangen & Nærøyfjord/Norway

Introducing Gudvangen & Nærøyfjord

Nærøyfjord, its 17km length a Unesco World Heritage Site, lies west of Flåm. Beside the deep blue fjord (only 250m across at its narrowest point) are towering 1200m-high cliffs, isolated farms, and waterfalls plummeting from the heights. It can easily be visited as a day excursion from Flåm.

Kjelsfossen waterfall tumbles from the southern wall of Nærøydalen valley, above Gudvangen village. Notice too the avalanche protection scheme above Gudvangen. The powerful avalanches here typically provide a force of 12 tonnes per sq metre, move at 50m/second and, local legend reckons, can bowl a herd of goats right across the fjord!

The approach by boat is wondrous but Gudvangen itself, like a mini Flåm only more constricted, is very missable. Boats belch diesel fumes at your feet, coaches back up at the rear and the cafe-restaurant plays the Viking card for all it's worth.

A pair of campgrounds flank the road, 1.3km from the ferry port. Each is well equipped and beautifully situated at the base of sheer cliffs – but oh, the noise from traffic passing on the busy E6 if you're sleeping in a tent!